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Spoke of Shadows is a collaboration between Bill Bachman (drummer, author, and creator of the Remote Speedy Hat) and Mark Cook (Warr guitarist/multi-instrumentalist).

Spoke of Shadows was born when Mark was finishing the mixes of the latest Herd of Instinct release “Conjure”. After completing two HOI CDs in two years, he wanted to focus on taking his music into a new direction, writing music that was moodier and had more dynamics.  He began recording pieces by layering Warr guitars, with 8 string fretless bass, drums, guitars, and keyboards.  After a few tracks were written, the project took another turn when a friend introduced Mark to Bill Bachman.  Mark gave the tracks to Bill with only one instruction “Play what you normally would not be allowed to play in other bands”! After some virtual recording sessions Mark and Bill met for the first time in 2013 at a Led Zeppelin tribute show in Dallas, where they discussed the status of their recording project and their love of Gabriel-era Genesis.  That meeting helped to cement the direction of the music, resulting in the album we have here.
Mark described the album saying “Our goal was to create a hybrid progressive music that covers a wide range of moods and styles. No rules! After finishing the majority of the writing we began looking for collaborators to help add some sonic variation to the music.  The approach was to find players from diverse backgrounds to help create a unique vocabulary that takes the listener on a sonic journey.  All of the guest musicians magically fell into place on the recording, and added immense depth to the tracks.” 
Spoke Of Shadows is released by Firepool Records, owned by the members of the instrumental group Djam Karet. Firepool Records has also released CDs by Hillmen, Henderson/Oken, and Herd Of Instinct.
Mark Cook is a Texas based Warr guitarist/multi-instrumentalist who is a member of the progressive rock band Herd of Instinct. He has appeared on recording by the electronic experimenters 99 Names of God, the psychedelic Liquid Sound Company, and the progressive Hands. He is one of the few players of the Warr guitar – a 12 to 14 string instrument with the range of a guitar and bass that is played with two hand tapping. Mark has also composed music for the game company Acceleroto.
Bill Bachman studied percussion performance at the University of North Texas and is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He is a regular contributing columnist for Modern Drummer magazine and is the author of the book Stick Technique, an Essential Guide for the Modern Drummer published through Modern Drummer Publishing, as well as the "Logic" instructional book series for Row-Loff Productions. Bill’s the inventor of the Remote Speedy Hat, the designer of Vic Firth’s Heavy Hitter pad series and signature Billy Club drumstick and founder of He has toured with progressive rock artist Neal Morse, and freelances with various artists in the Dallas area. Bill is an international drum clinician and he endorses Vic Firth sticks, Remo drumheads, Zildjian cymbals, and Dynasty drums.


Our debut album featured:

Bill Bachman - drums (Neal Morse, Michael Harris)

Mark Cook - Warr guitar, ADG fretless bass, guitar, and keyboards (Herd of Instinct, Hands, 99 Names of God)


Guest Musicians:

Joe Blair - guitar 

Gayle Ellett - rhodes and mellotron (Djam Karet, Fernwood, Ukab Maerd)

Bob Fisher - flute (Herd of Instinct)

Michael Harris - guitar (Thought Chamber, solo artist)

Jeff Plant - fretless bass (Alex Acuna, Conundrum, Thought Chamber) 

Tony Rohrbough - guitar (Byzantine)

Dave Streett - Warr guitar (Herd of Instinct)

Shannon Wickline - piano (Charlie Daniels Band)


all artwork by Garth Hill


12 tracks of instrumental music, total time 48:00
Recorded in Arlington, TX, Plano, TX, Topanga, California, and Gastonia, North Carolina
Released by: Firepool Records
Release date: February 25th 2014

Our 2nd album "II" will be released by Firepool Records October 9, 2017.  

Two years in the making the album further develops the complex language of the band.

Guests musicians:

Bob Fisher - flute (tracks 2, 3, & 8)

Michael Harris - guitar solo (track 4)

Mike McGary - synth (track 6)

Shannon Wickline - piano (track 6)


Mixed and Mastered by SoS and Gayle Ellett (Djam Karet)


Artwork by Katharina Jung

CD art by Garth Hill


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